Worl Extreme Scary Market People Eating Bat Rat Snake! More Scary Than China

We are going to visit Tomohon Market located in Manado Nord Sulawesi in Indonesia, people here are well know for eating everything that has 4 legs except tables and chairs. Uploaded By Tony P www.enjoydiscoverasia.com

This is really bizzarre food, people eating bat rat 🐀 snake 🐍 pets such dog 🐶 cat 🙀 and eaven more. Mark Wiens with Migrationology and Trevor James with The Food Rangers, never been here so i decide to make a video and show the reality.
This could be an interesting place for Andrew Zimmermen, visit the Indonesia Tomohon Market, really primitive market its also more interesting than a Chinese market, and there is Tony p with Enjoy Discover Asia to reporting from there.

You can see and interesting video about it made by Best Food Ever Review Show here its the link:


Bat mine its more real and genuine, more interesting than just a snake market in China.

Here its not Wuhan market and the corona virus doesn’t come from here, this people have been eating wild food from century’s. I am here just to filming and learning new culture not to judge anyone. here its more scary than wuhan wet market. You can also watching my other video i am in quarantine in Italy here its the playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9SJr Subscribe to my channel for more interesting video about Asia and Italy Firenze.

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