Italy Under Lockdown Florence

This Is Tony P With Enjoy Discover Asia Duo To The Corona Virus I Am Here Under Lock Down In Florence Italy.
I Am Making Video And Blog In Italy About Corona Virus Lock Down And The Economic Situation.

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Italy Lock Down -30 th DAY (FLORENCE) uploaded by Tony P I’m here under lock down in florence italy, after 30 days of curfew its starts to be really hard, i am italian sorry for my english. we are always in the house possible just going to shopping around the house 200 meters. Italy could be on lock down till 3 May, i am in Florence or more could be one more moths starting from now or 30 days more i cannot imagine how could it be. All the day i am spending my time walking around and on the balcony, cooking eating something, 4 time for week i am going to jogging running around the house, and exercise in the house, otherwise i am spending my time queuing at the shop for baying basical needs. Watching all the youtube episode in Italy under quarantine otherwise i am in Asia with Enjoy Discover Asia Travel And Tour In Southeast Asia. Subscribe to Our Channel :… Facebook Page Add A Like 🙂… Twitter Page Stay In Touch: Website And Email Address For Business Purpose