Best Coffee In Singapore


Best Coffee In Singapore

Singapore Best Coffee

This is my first articole and i won’t dedicate it to the coffee  

been my favourite font of energy especially in the morning after a night out or have the energy going thru a new day. For those how been already in Asia know that its not that easy to found fresh and good coffee around like in Italy for example, where you are surrounded by many coffee shop around serving delicious espresso or cappuccino.
Unlikely the others place in Asia in Singapore its vary easy to found a good cup of coffee in any corner its freshly grounded, and prepared instantly in front of you i am reporting here one of the best i have ever head in Singapore and in all Asia, this small stall serving thousand of coffee every day from more than 50 years, i have been there several time and always i found a long que many people waiting for the coffee. 


In Singapore there is different type of coffee made with condensed milk sweet milk and evaporated milk there is the different coffee type

  • Kopy O: black coffee with sugar
  • Kopi: black coffee with condensed milk
  • Kopi Kosong: black coffee without sugar or milk
  • Kopi Gah Dai: black coffee with extra condensed milk
  • Kopi Siew Dai:coffee with condensed milk bat less sugar.


If you like to try this coffee in Singapore Its located in Lucky Chinatown Complex,Hawker Center its in the first floor there is also more food stall if you get hungry.