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Welcome to my profile, i am  Tony Parente an italian here in Asia, first time when i was in Asia i have already 25 years old, from the first sight i was follow in love with this continent, i can still remember my first flight  to Shanghai, i arrive there at 1 am in the morning without have any knowledge about the city the culture or language.
My first week in China i just eating the western food like italian or some fast food, after that i meet some locals and foreigner that are already familiar with local food particular with street food scene, once with them in one of local Shanghai Food Night Market i was in love with local food and culture, i was dreaming to travel eating swimming and enjoy around Asia.



After many years of coming beck and return from Europe, i decide to found Enjoy Discover Asia to helping other people to Discover the beautiful places all around, show some epic street food, paradise island with white sand beaches and clear water, beautiful mountains.


After ,my graduation in Tourisment  i was working in a business family selling arts painting and old furniture, always coming back and return in/from Asia, i speak fluent english spanish and italian my native language if you have any enquire about Asia just let me know i am going to sharing all information and tips that i already have, and guide you in this wonderful continet.

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